Values and needs: possible trade-offs and the construction of a Humaine digital artifact

There, the second post… a bit late… but I am very sure it will improve!

So, the theme hinted by the title will be explored in this post and I suspect in quite a few afterwards. We live in quite challenging times (and from an historian point of view, interesting times) and the “recovery” of ethics in social and scientific life is very much in the current agenda. In fact, I believe it should always be. In terms of the design of digital artifacts, the pervasiveness and ubiquity of technology makes it urgent to truly reflect on the scale of change we are facing in our daily lives.

Inclusiveness, trust, control, creativity, sharing, collaboration, competition, security are just a few of the values that can inspire and inform the design. The challenge then becomes to know how the analysis can be brought into the design cycle. For the moment I am reading the report published by Microsoft “Being Human: Human-Computer Interaction in the year 2020” and the proposals by Gilbert Cockton on “Worth Centred Design”.

The following posts will explore this theme and, of course, I hope someone out there will help me out in this journey…

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