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Digital footprints and memories

After this long delay… here is another post. I think I decided to re-start with shorter ones to keep the activity more lively…

The term digital footprint was another concept extended in the “Being Human: Human-Computer Interaction in the year 2020” report. It reflects the fact that our daily dealings with digital artifacts leave traces. The term was initially used to consider how our presence in the “web” could leave a track. Some concerns were obviously raised regarding privacy and the stealing of digital identities. However, the “Being Human” report draws our attention to the impact of other technologies (sensor networks, CCTV, RFID tags etc etc – see for example, and how these extend our digital footprints.

Digital footprints can also be connected with the idea of external memory. We can definitely recognize very distinct external memory aids, supported by different technologies. The interesting bit is to try understand what digital artifacts bring new.