About my research interests

Generally, I am interested on theories and conceptual frameworks in HCI, from more traditional approaches taking a user centred perspective to more recent trends focusing on user’s experiences with technologies. In a nutshell, the question driving my research concerns the understanding of how the properties of distinct devices, computational artefacts and embedded external representations impact on people’s activities (from work related activities to ludic contexts). Furthermore, I am also keen on understanding how distinct methodologies suit the investigation of different issues along the artefact design cycle and how the design solutions can the documented and reused by design teams.

Currently I am particularly focusing on:

  • the design of situated digital displays
  • the possible effects that different types of external representations have in collaborative learning activities;
  • human-robot interactions (more specifically, what and how robots’ interactive and communicative abilities affect the collaboration with people in everyday tasks);
  • methodologies to tackle the concept of “user experience”.
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